The Takeaway Toolbox 3: advanced customisation for perfecting takeaways

Key Takeaway: Use advanced customisation options such as coloured text to improve the aesthetic appeal of your takeaways.

If you haven’t already read about what makes a good takeaway and basic customisation options for your takeaway, then you should review them before carrying on. Full disclosure; the customisation outlined below is largely superfluous - being able to bold and italicise your text will be more than enough for 99% of users. This article is for the pedants who want to add a neat finishing touch to their lessons; for those who want to spend time tuning up their takeaways from a 9/10 to a 10/10.

With that in mind, let’s be perfectionists about takeaways.

Advanced customisation

In the previous article, we covered why and how to use bold and italics in a takeaway. The same principles apply when using underline - but with slightly different application methods.

Advanced takeaway toolbox

To produce underlined text you need put a <u> tag before the text you want to underline, and </u> tag where you would like the underlining to end. Notice the backslash (/) in the second tag used to end the underlining; its inclusion is important for reasons we will cover later. Just like for bold and italics, the “<u>” and “</u>” won’t actually display in the text, it just tells Ed that you want to underline the text in between.

The above takeaway would therefore be formatted in the Ed LMS as:

It’s important to help the customer understand that while Product Y is the cheapest product, Product X is a <u>high quality product</u> which would serve them better.

Advanced customisation - considerations

While the design concerns covered in the previous takeaway toolbox article also need to be thought about, correct formatting is critical when using underline in a takeaway. As such it needs to be used carefully. When you tell Ed to start underlining text by putting <u> before it, unless you tell it to stop underlining text by putting </u>, it will keep underlining all the text that appears in the rest of the slide.

If you’re seeing underlines where they shouldn’t be, check to make sure that you’ve correctly put </u> where you want the underlining to end - backslash and all.

Advanced takeaway toolbox

Shown above: “

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