How to use a Title Slide and Exit Slide

Key takeaway: Use the Title Slide to introduce your users to the lesson’s content, and the Exit Slide to reinforce its key takeaway.

Some people like to remove the a Title Slide and start the lesson with some straight-to-the-action interactive slides. While this does get your users right into their learning, the Title Slide does have its uses.

Studies have shown that priming learners about what they will cover in a lesson is an effective learning strategy; it lets them gather their thoughts about the topic and gets them in the right frame of mind. You can use a Title Slide to outline the lesson content.

Lesson Title

Use the Title field for the lesson title, and the Subtitle field to outline the lesson’s content.

While the Exit Slide is a mandatory part of all lessons, it is still customisable and can be put to use to reinforce your content. You can use it to reiterate the key takeaway of your lesson.

Exit Lesson

You can use the Content field of the exit slide to reinforce your lesson’s key takeaway.

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