How to: Prize template

Key takeaway: Along with Ed’s default prize templates, you can add your own custom prize templates to use in your draws, to enhance learner engagement.

Prize templates allow you to quickly and easily upload multiple prizes to a prize draw, without re-configuring the shared information each time. While Ed has some default prize templates which you can use, you can create your own custom prize templates to use in your prize draws.

To create a custom prize template, use the Prizing menu from the toolbar, and go to Prizes. When you arrive at this page, you should see all the default prizes set up for you on account creation. To create your own custom prize, click Add new prize in the top right of the screen.

Getting there

On the Create new prize screen, there are a couple of different fields you need to configure.

Firstly, you will need to specify the name and description of the prize, and upload an image for the prize (with a recommended size of 200x200 pixels). This will display in the app in the Upcoming prizes section of the star bar.

You will then need to set up the Prize fields. These fields refer to the information required for a prize winner to redeem the prize. For example, a Steam gift card requires a specific code to be input to redeem it, so if you were adding a Steam gift card as a custom prize, you would add code as one of the prize fields. You can also set value as a field, allows you to set the value of the coupon when creating a prize draw. Other prize fields available include URL, and Number. Once you’ve added these fields, they need to be named to finalise their addition. These names are for your own reference when using the prize template to add prizes to a draw.

Creating a prize part 1

Finally, you need to configure the email sent to prize winners, to deliver their prize! You’ll need to add a Sender and a Subject field. It is recommended to set the sender as the person who is responsible for liaising with learners, however you can also set it to as preferred. The Subect field configures the subject line of the email. Learners will be expecting a prize email to be waiting for them in their inbox, but it’s still good practice to make the Subject as clear as possible, so that they know what email they should be looking for.

In the Redemption instructions section, Ed uses a clever system to fill out the email with the prize fields you have set up. In the example above, Ed knows that the prize template has a Steam code and Value of the gift card. So when it’s time to send out a prize email, it will search the text configured in the Redemption instructions section for ##STEAM CODE## and ##VALUE OF THE GIFT CARD##, and replace it with the actual code and value (set up during draw creation). With this feature, you don’t have to worry about creating individual emails each time when you need to send a prize; just fill out a few words of congratulations, and redemption instructions for the code, and your prize template is ready to be used.

Creating a prize part 2

In the next article, we will talk about setting up a prize draw for your learners to take part in!

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