How to add your branding to Ed

Ed enables you to adapt the styling and branding of your courses beyond the basic logo uploads. We help you fully integrate your branding and customize your lessons from changes to the background colour, logo, icons, imagery and text.

There are three ways of branding content; course branding, colour schemes and branding images.

These changes can all be made on a course level. That means that any branding changes you make to a course, is applied to all your content without any additional changes required.

Course branding


Every course has a thumbnail. This is a small square image that helps learners quickly identify the course easily on the course menu.



Cover Image

You can set a cover image to display within a course. Cover images display behind the course description page as seen below.

Cover Image

Cover Image

Colour Schemes

One of the most effective ways to incorporate branding to your mobile courses is to customize the colour scheme.

Selecting a colour scheme for your lessons changes the background colour and text of a course and all included lessons and slides inside that course. With one click you can change the background and font colour throughout your lesson. If a colour scheme that matches your brand cannot be found, you can implement your own CSS rules (keep reading).

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Applying a colour scheme to your course

Branding Images

Each lesson has two images, a small icon and background image.

Small Icon

The small icon is the image that sits next to the lesson title. This is usually your company logo or department icon.

Background Image

A background image can significantly alter the look and feel of your lessons. This tool can be used to upload a watermark or an opaque image to sit behind your lesson content. Images can be abstract graphics that convey an overall style, photography used throughout your brands marketing material, or alternatively images your learners will recognize such as pictures of actual employees or your workplace.

Remember to upkeep readability with an appropriate choice of background image and text colour.

Background Inspiration

Background Image & Small Icon

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