1.38.0 Change Log

At Ed we are constantly seeking to improve our platform. Here you can read about the latest features and fixes for authors, admins and learners from version 1.38.0. Accessible on 29 November, 2017.

  • New! - Video Template Addition: Ability to force users to watch videos the first time We are happy to introduce a new feature which can be enabled on the existing video template. By enabling this new check box, "Always Show Skip Button", users are forced to watch videos the first time through, and thereafter have the option to skip when they revisit the lesson.

  • Copying a Lesson Improvements to the copy lesson feature within lesson settings.

  • Survey Text Enhancement Improvement to the Survey Template.

  • Narration Improvements to narration uploading.

  • Find-A-Word Improvements to the find-a-word template.

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