1.28.0 Change Log

At Ed we are constantly seeking to improve our platform. Here you can read about the latest features and fixes for authors, admins and learners from version 1.28.0.

App and Web
  • Multiple Choice Templates There were issues with loading video content, when video content was used in the multiple choice templates. This issue has been resolved.

  • Slide Text Formatting This fix provided a resolution for intermittent issues with aligning text center within a slide.

  • Markdown in Image Word Match We have resolved an issue where bold markdown would not display the text within the template properly.

  • Image Orientation When a learner is viewing an image in portrait it is one size. When the learner rotates the device into landscape, they receive an icon that prompts the learner to return it back into portrait because it is not supported in landscape. When the learner returns to portrait the image is a smaller size and is illegible. This fix resolved this issue.

Authoring Tool
  • Analytics We have fixed an issue where data was not visible for a small window of time.

  • New! - SCORM We have made a few improvements to uploading SCORM packages. Now you can find a template in the 'Advanced' section. This will allow you to author lessons with other templates. You will have the flexibility of including questions or content review after the learner completes the SCORM content. We have also allowed for the content author to select where the exit button should be placed for this type of template.

  • New! AICC We now have support for AICC packages. As above, you may also find a template in the 'Advanced' section of the authoring tool.

  • Prizing We have resolved an issue where if you configure specific user groups to have no access to the prize draws, they were visible anyway. Now you can be assured that if the user group should not have access to a prize draw, it will work the way it is configured.

  • Lesson Copying This fix resolved an issue which was preventing copying the same lesson into multiple courses.

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