1.27.0 Change Log

At Ed we are constantly seeking to improve our platform. Here you can read about the latest features and fixes for authors, admins and learners from version 1.27.0.

App and Web
  • Video Templates
    Content admins and instructional designers can now select an option within the authoring tool that disables the skip video button. This is a great feature for anyone with mandatory video content.

  • Slider Template
    It's now possible to set the correct answer to zero, and have the learner answer the question correctly.

  • Completion Certificates
    We've added a new feature where learners can receive a certificate for completing courses. This behaviour can be enabled in the LMS settings. Learners can download their certificates as a PDF to their device, as a memento of their achievement.

  • SSO Login Improvements
    The language and interface during Single Sign On has been improved for learners as they join the platform, so they can rest assured as we take them through the authentication process.

  • Lesson Titles
    This fix resolved an issue where lesson titles were missing during the lesson.

  • Sign Out Prompt
    We've improved the language that learners see when they sign out of the app. Learners can sign in and out without fearing the loss of their progress.

Authoring Tool
  • Image Uploads
    We've fixed an issue where uploading an image into the authoring tool could occasionally crash your browser session.

  • MP3 Uploads
    There was an issue where some browsers uploading MP3 audio files could save the file with the wrong extension. This has been addressed.

  • Course Analytics
    The course progress analytics for the question pool template now shows the appropriate title Question Pool.

  • Star Bar Access
    We have resolved an issue where some learners could access the Star Bar even when it was configured to be hidden in the LMS.

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