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Hints and tips on how to create the most
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How to: Prize draw

Key takeaway: Using Ed's prize templates, you can easily set up a prize draw to motivate and encourage learning in your employees.

Ed permissions breakdown

Key takeaway: Ed asks for a number of permissions when learners install it to their device. In this article we look at each permission and why we ask for it.

Star Bar games breakdown

Key takeaway: Ed's Star Bar has a variety of games which you can choose from to your learners.

How to configure lesson scoring

Key Takeaway: Have your learners achieve a specific score to pass your lessons by applying a minimum score to a course.

Reviewing lessons in app

Key Takeaway: You can review content in the app before giving access to your learners with the reviewer permission.

Custom lesson branding

Key Takeaway: You can individually customise your lesson’s appearance within a course using the branding feature on a lesson dashboard.

Optimal File Sizes

Key Takeaway: Minimise the size of your lessons by streaming your videos, and using images optimised for mobile.

Rewarding daily learning

Key Takeaway: You can encourage your learners to keep up with their learning using the daily rewards feature.

How To: Move and copy slides between lessons

Key Takeaway: Learn how to copy and move slides between lessons when creating course content.

How to: Video

Key Takeaway: You can easily include video in your own custom microlessons using Ed's Video, YouTube, Vimeo or Integrated Media templates.

4 different ways to introduce lesson content

Key Takeaway: There are a number of variations to the classic Title template that you can use to introduce your lesson content.

How to: Categorise

Key takeaway: The categorise template has three key applications, which can be used in your own microlessons.

Guide: Analytics

Key Takeaway: Ed's advanced analytics suite provides you with a rich variety of insights into your learners' behaviour.

How to: Prize template

Key takeaway: Along with Ed’s default prize templates, you can add your own custom prize templates to use in your draws, to enhance learner engagement.

How to: Chat

Key Takeaway: The Chat template can be used to educate employees on your desired interaction in a number of different ways.

How to: Missing Word

Key Takeaway: Missing Word is a versatile template which is easy to configure and has a variety of aplications.

4 different ways to present long form text in Ed

Key takeaway: There are multiple ways you can present long form text to your learners in Ed lessons.

How to: Invite code

Key takeaway: You can use the invite code feature of Ed to allow quick onboarding to your elearning content.

How to: Ratio

Key Takeaway: Not just used for percentages, Ratio can be used to create comparisons between the weight and price of products. A step-by-step guide to customizing the Ratio template.

Basic Ed: The make-up of an Ed lesson

Key Takeaway: In Ed, lessons are made up of slides. In a lesson, once a learner is done on one slide, they move on to the next. Using the content authoring tool you can quickly and easily configure how many slides a lesson has, and what each slide does.

Basic Ed: Courses and Lessons within the Ed app

Key Takeaway: Ed is made up of courses, and courses are made up of lessons. Each of these are quick and easy to make, so you can be creating custom learning content in minutes.

Creating custom Ed courses from powerpoint presentations

Key Takeaway: Converting your existing employee training material into Ed lessons is easy when following these simple steps.

How to add your branding to Ed

Ed enables you to adapt the styling and branding of your courses beyond the basic logo uploads. We help you fully integrate your branding and customize your lessons from changes to the background colour, logo, icons, imagery and text.

How to: Text Sequence template

Key Takeaway: The Text Sequence template allows you to utilise progressive disclosure during knowledge transfer in your Ed lessons.

Advanced: Image template

Key Takeaway: There are lots of advanced customisation options you can apply when utilising an Image template.

How to: Image template

Key Takeaway: Images can be easily incorporated into your microlessons using Ed's Image template.

How to: Narration

Key Takeaway: You can either upload pre-recorded content to your lessons, or record yourself using your device’s microphone.

Good initial prizing setup

Key takeaway: At the start of your Ed campaign, set up a short draw with a lot of prizes in it to create lots of winners and encourage users to keep coming back to the Star Bar.

3 games you can set up in under 5 minutes

Key Takeaway: Swipe it Right, Image Word Match and Memory are all games which can be set up in under 5 minutes.

How to use a Title Slide and Exit Slide

Key takeaway: Use the Title Slide to introduce your users to the lesson’s content, and the Exit Slide to reinforce its key takeaway.

3 best number templates

Key Takeaway: Ratio is the best and most versatile interactive number template, followed by Dial and Number Picker.

Complete breakdown - Lesson editor

Key takeaway: There are 4 key parts of the lesson editor; the content preview window, the content editor, the content navigation bar and the LMS template library. Look at each segment individually while you’re getting the grips.

The Takeaway Toolbox 3: advanced customisation for perfecting takeaways

Key Takeaway: Use advanced customisation options such as coloured text to improve the aesthetic appeal of your takeaways.

The Takeaway Toolbox 2: basic customisation for improving takeaways

Key Takeaway: Use of bold and italics in your takeaway can help emphasise critical information contained within.

5 different ways to ask a true or false question in Ed

Key takeaway: Ed gives you many different interesting and unique ways to ask questions. It’s the most engaging interactive elearning app.

The Takeaway Toolbox 1: basic customisation for improving takeaways

Key Takeaway: Good takeaways aren’t too long and provide an answer to the question.

First lesson suggestion

Key takeaway: Use the first lesson as a general introduction to Ed, then move on to your own content. Give your users some easy stars and encourage them to have a go in the Star Bar.